Papworth Surgery

Booster vaccinations for housebound patients update

Booster vaccinations for housebound patients are currently underway in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, with a number of providers including NHS Trust and community pharmacy teams delivering boosters. The NHS will contact you directly to offer you a booster vaccination within your home.

As our GP Practice is not delivering vaccinations to housebound patients at this stage, please do not call us to ask when you will be vaccinated as we will not be in a position to tell you when you will get your booster.

If you have become housebound since you received your second vaccine, please contact us to let us know so that we can make a note on your record to reflect that you are now housebound. This will enable the NHS to contact you to offer you a vaccine within your home.

If you feel able to you are very welcome to book your COVID-19 booster vaccination outside your home, by visiting or by calling 119.

If you need support to travel to a vaccination site, our Local Authorities provide a Transport Support Offer. You can find out more about this offer via, or by calling 0345 045 5219.