Papworth Surgery

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Changes to booking system

We are currently facing unprecedented demand for all of our services at the moment.
We are often working with fewer staff than normal as we have to provide staff to the Covid Vaccination Clinics being held at the Charles Hicks Centre Huntingdon, as part of our PCN (Primary Care Network).
We also have some staff sickness issues to contend with.
We are constantly reviewing the way we manage bookings, but I’m afraid there are times when we just do not have enough appointments to satisfy the demand at the moment. In order to address this issue we have changed our booking system as follows…..
You will now normally be offered a pre-bookable appointment when you call, possibly a few days ahead, rather than an appointment on the same day.
Please rest assured, if you have a medically urgent problem you will be either seen or spoken to by a clinician using one of our ‘on the day’ appointments..
We only have a small number of ‘on the day’ appointments available, and these appointments are released at 8:30 AM and 12 Noon so you may be asked to call back at one of these times.
If your problem is not medically urgent, and there are no pre-bookable appointments available, you will unfortunately be asked to call back on another day to make an appointment and we are sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause you.
Please be kind to our Receptionists……they are facing verbal abuse on a regular basis at the moment because of the situation, and this is not acceptable.
I’m sure things will improve, but please bear with us in the short term.
Thank you
Alexandra Mackenzie
Practice Manager