Changes To Making Appointments

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What is changing?

From 1st March we are introducing a new way of making appointments to see a Doctor. 

We will be offering the same number of Doctors appointments,  either face to face or on the phone.  We will have the same number of clinicians working daily.

All appointments for nurses, blood tests etc can be made in the same way as they are currently i.e. by phoning the surgery.

Why is this changing?

We want to improve the patient experience by offering a more modern and easy to use system that helps our team process appointment requests fairly and efficiently.

We know how frustrating it can be waiting on a phone line and by using this service you can now make an appointment request at your own convenient time without the need for sitting in a queue.

How will I make an appointment?

Visit our website and click on the Contact Us Online button. You can then choose to submit an admin query or help for a medical issue.

If you have a medical issue and would like to make an appointment please choose this option. Complete the form with as much detail as possible, including photos if appropriate.

What time can I use this service?

The service will be switched on every weekday morning at 7am and all requests will be viewed and triaged by the Duty Doctor on the same day.

What if I have an urgent need for an appointment?

You still need to submit the form online or call us if you cannot use the online form and our team will complete the form for you. Your online request will then be reviewed by the Duty Doctor and followed up appropriately.  The reception team will not be able to make any GP appointments.

What if I cannot use the website?

You can still call the practice and our team will complete the form for you. Your request will be dealt with in the same way as requests made online

What happens when the service is not available?

If your need is not medically urgent please access the service from 7 am the following working day.

What is the link for this new service?

Please click here to access this new service.