Accessibility at Papworth Surgery

Please inform the practice if you have any communication or information needs relating to a disability, impairment, language or sensory loss – the practice will always endeavour to accommodate your needs.

We’re always looking to improve the accessibility of the surgery. If you feel we’re not meeting accessibility requirements then please speak to a member of staff.

There is good access for any patient with disabilities to be seen in most of our consultation rooms. If the room is not appropriate for your disability then we will ensure we find a different room to accommodate your needs.

Wheelchair Use

We also have a wheelchair available to borrow if you need to assist transferring a relative or friend from your vehicle to the surgery and back again. The wheelchair must be returned immediately after use while at the surgery. We do not allow it to be taken away from the premises as it needs to be available at all times to manage unwell patients on our premises.


If you require an interpreter this can be organised, please make the receptionist aware of this need when booking your appointment. We would also be happy to put a note on your record stating that you require an interpreter for your appointments.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs (guide dogs and hearing dogs) are welcome in our surgery. For hygiene reasons, no other animals should be brought inside.


There is a designated disabled parking space in the car park near the surgery entrance and there is good access via a ramp with wide automatic doors to allow for wheelchairs.

A private room can be requested (depending on availability) to discuss private matters or be made available for breastfeeding if privacy is preferred.

Please inform the practice if you have any information or communication support needs or reasonable adjustments which you feel we need to know about. You can speak with us in person, by phone or email. We also have an online form that can be completed via our website.The practice will always endeavour to accommodate your needs.

If you experience any problems, please speak to our reception staff, who will do their utmost to assist you.

Communication Needs contact form

Please complete this questionnaire to let us know if you require any communication or information support needs.

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As on your medical record.
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